“Judas Ghost” will keep you on the edge of your seat (or diving under it)

"Judas Ghost" Director, Simon Pearce, having fun at Shriekfest 2013

“Judas Ghost” Director, Simon Pearce, having fun at Shriekfest 2013

Last night at Hollywood’s Shriekfest, three great, feature films played, “Malignant“, “HazMat“, and “Judas Ghost“.  The evening closed with a question and answer session with the director, Simon Pearce and Producer, Wolfram Parge.

“Judas Ghost” was written by New York Times best selling author Simon R. Green.  Mr. Green had wanted to do another screenplay he had written, but when he approached Simon Pearce about it, they concluded that it was out of their budget.  So Mr. Green wrote another screenplay to produce on the available budget.

“Judas Ghost” starred , and  as the Judas Ghost.  The acting is impeccable in this ghost hunting, horror movie.  The ghost finding team is sent to a haunted hall by their employer, the Carnacki Institute, to deal with what is believed to be a ghost or other supernatural force.  The ghost was disturbing children who had been receiving child care in the haunted hall and the ghost finders are also going to do a training film for other ghost finders in the process.

The team psychic Anna, played by Lucy Cudden, finds it unnerving that the hall is completely devoid of all psychic impression, as though it were hidden by a sign that says, “Nothing to see here.  Move along.”  In short order the team pierces this veneer and find themselves in the clutches of a major, supernatural beast.

Other than a few memory sequences, the entire movie happens in a single room.  That could make it tough to keep the attention of an action and adrenaline addicted audience,  but they make it work.  The special effects team, makeup and sound departments do masterful work, adding the supernatural effects, mood music, and sounds that will keep you on the edge of your seat or diving under it for cover.

While “Judas Ghost” isn’t yet available except at select film festivals watch for it to go into distribution sometime in the coming year and, in the meantime catch it at a film festival if you can!

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