Anime Saint Louis – Big City Con, Small Town Flavor


For me, Anime Saint Louis started with an eight hour drive through road construction and inclement weather.  For those lucky enough to be there from the start, it started with tornado warnings.  They were already calling it “Tornado Con” when I arrived at 12:30.  Within fifteen minutes of my arrival they were talking about closing down for the night and by 1 a.m. security was clearing the building.  A bit of a contrast from some of the 24 hour cons I have attended but I was certainly ready to hit the sack comparatively early and I didn’t hear any major complaints.

Anime St Louis had it all from great guests, a great band, dancing with fun music, flashing lights, and glow sticks, panels, video gaming, table top gaming, and lots of cosplay.


Greggo ran Joker’s Wild and Password with Kent Williams and Todd Haberkorn teaming with audience members and competing against each other.  Why Todd’s partner couldn’t get “body” from the clues “cavity” and “search,” well…  we can only wonder (about Todd!)  The final score was everyone won an hour’s worth of laughs and entertainment and everyone took home fond memories of the shows.

The Music of the Slants was vibrant and energetic and their panel informative and entertaining.

The various events were well run and by the time the convention was over the con goers experienced a great time and went away, well…


Anime Saint Louis was my second time in the area in the past month after having been in Saint Louis for Kawa Con and the Halloween and Attractions Show in the middle of March.  This couple, Brandy Luttrell and Robert Wright, brought home to me what I had seen in Kawa Con, Anime Saint Louis, and my time in the area.  It may be a large metropolitan area but it has a small town flavor.  The convention was just across the river from Saint Louis but I stayed at a hotel in Saint Louis.  On my way to my hotel one night I was looking for food and trying to follow the directions given at a local convenience store.  A local policeman pulled me over and came up to the window and said, “You look a bit confused.  Where are you heading?”  I said I was looking for food.  After running through a list of choices he suggested a pizza place and then drove ahead of me, leading me there.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with being pulled over than if he said he was Andy and I was in Mayberry. 

While I realize I wasn’t in Kansas and Smallville was a long way off, but during the con I sometimes got the feeling that Lois and Clark might walk up any minute now… 

I was wrong of course.  It was Lois and Superman and everyone knows they’re not the same person.  Clark’s got glasses! 

As for the young couple I mentioned?  He was a vendor at Anime Saint Louis 2007 and sold her some pocky.  They met again at the con in 2009 and she recognized him.  They are set go get married in six months, so Bob found a fine Brandy and she found her Mr. Wright.  I love a con where people come as strangers and leave as friends and even family.

Enjoy this mini photo gallery and go to my other site for more pictures.

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