Raving about the dances at Anime-SPARK! 2011

Ballroom Dancing at Anime-SPARK! 2011Ballroom Dancing at Anime-SPARK! 2011
A lovely, Victorian style couple at the ball

A lovely, Victorian style couple at the ball

Some conventions don’t have any dance at all but most will have at least a rave on one of the nights.

For those who love dancing, both doing and watching, Anime-SPARK! 2011 was the motherload.

On both Friday and Saturday nights they had instruction in ballroom dancing followed by a formal ball.

Many of the ladies and gentlemen were decked out in their finery from Anime to steam punk but everyone was free to come and dance or watch.

When the waltz music and the lights faded, the strobes and colored lights came on and the rave tunes filled the darkness.

Some stayed straight through, while others dashed back to their rooms and changed into their rave gear.

The lights flashed and the lovely ladies and graceful gents danced to the music.

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