Who is the next lean, mean, and green alien on Star Trek Continues?

Lean, mean, and green and coming to Star Trek Continues!

Lean, mean, and green and coming to Star Trek Continues!

Earlier this month The Weird Review‘s, Lesley Scott, did an interview with Todd Haberkorn, Spock of the indie web series, “Star Trek Continues.”

At the time Todd wasn’t at liberty to say but mentioned that the second episode of “Star Trek Continues” would have a special, guest star.

It has now been revealed that the guest is none other than Lou Ferrigno, the original “Hulk” from the ’70s TV series, “The Incredible Hulk.”

The “Star Trek Continues” crew just completed a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $125,000 to fund their continued homage to the original series.

For those unfamliar, “Star Trek Continues is a non-profit, fan produced webseries that was launched in May 2013 with its first episode, “Pilgrim of Eternity.” The show is being produced to complete the final two years of the original 5-year mission. Our inaugural episode brings back original series guest star, Michael Forest as Apollo. The accuracy of the sets, lighting, filming and the quality acting and characterization brought great praise and support from Star Trek TOS fans all over the world.” – from the “Star Trek Continues” Kickstarter page.

Fans of the original series may wonder if the cast follow faithfully in the footsteps of the original actors or if they stray from the “true path.”  The truth is that neither is the case.

The cast don’t attempted to conform to the appearance and mimic the actions of the original actors, but rather use their love for the characters to come through in their acting.

Todd’s personification of Mr. Spock is a beautifully and believably done rendition of the beloved character even as he makes the role his own.

Chris Doohan was an obvious choice for playing his father’s old role of Mr. Scott and the lovely Kim Stinger excels in her role as Lt. Uhura.

Mythbuster Grant Imahara’s portrayal of Mr. Sulu is impeccable while Larry Nemecek and Wyatt Lenhart take to their roles as Dr. McCoy and Mr. Chekov with a casual comfort.

Executive Producer Steven Dengler plays Security Chief Drake, and Michele Specht is ship’s counselor, Dr. McKenna.  Don’t remember Dr. McKenna?  Don’t worry as Ms. Spect is beautiful, brilliant and the role is well played.

All in all, the first episode, “Pilgrim of Eternity” was well scripted and smoothly played with a few moments where the typically baby faced Vic Mignogna almost channels the original Shatner role, taking on his mannerisms and appearance.

With almost half a million views and over $125,000 kicked in by fans, the verdict is simple.  “Star Trek Continues” is an immensely welcome and long awaited dream for many fans of the original Star Trek series.

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