Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Wrapped in Red’ a love letter in song

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Endymion 2013 Grand Marshall, Kelly Clarkson and fiancee, Brandon Blackstock sharing secrets and kisses

In October Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock announced they had eloped rather than having the grand wedding they had planned.  This came as a surprise to some but for those who watched them laugh, play, share secrets and kisses at the Endymion Parade during Mardi Gras, it was no surprise.

Now she has a new album, “Wrapped in Red” just in time for Christmas and featuring her new song, “Winter Dreams (Brandon’s Song.)”

Ms. Clarkson tackles some of the iconic classics of Christmas that were sung by legends such as Elvis and Bing Crosby and gives them her own, special flair.

On the album Ms. Clarkson mixes traditional favorites such as “Blue Christmas”, “Please Come Home for Christmas”, and “White Christmas” that show the loneliness and wistful reminiscing that sometimes comes with Christmas as well as the snappy, “Baby Its Cold Outside” with Ronnie Dunn and “Winter Dreams” to underscore the sweetness of love at Christmas with the contrasting sadness everyone goes through.

“Wrapped in Red” gives hope to those who are in their lonely times.  Even folks like Ms. Clarkson and Mr. Blackstock go through them but if they keep pushing on there will be better times ahead.  Maybe Santa will bring their baby home or maybe it is time to go out and find an new one as did Kelly and Brandon.

“Winter Dreams” is reminiscent of John Donne’s classic poem “The Dream” when Ms. Clarkson sings:

“Drawing hearts on the foggy glass
New love, chase away my past”


“Making angels in the snow, warm fuzzy, frozen through
Is this a dream?”

“Don?t wake me up
If this is love
Please, let me be”

John Donne’s “The Dream” responds:

“Dear love, for nothing less than thee
Would I have broke this happy dream;”

May the newlyweds, Kelly and Brandon, as well as the many who are blessed by her music, wake from the dream and yet continue in its warmth, hope, and love.

Check out “Wrapped in Red” and have yourself a Merry Christmas!

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