Interview with Rakeru of Limitless Disguise Cosplay

A Google+ interview with Rakeru of Limitless Disguise Cosplay.

She is a cosplayer from the Detroit, Michigan area and has won first place in the Novice and Intermediate categories for her Temari and Rider cosplays.

She attends Go-Daiko, Shuto con, Youmacon and other Michigan anime conventions.

Weird: Here we are with Rakeru Diamond, who’s the main cosplayer – the cosplayer – of Limitless Disguise. Rakeru, tell me how long have you been cosplaying?

Rakeru: Uhm… I basically started, I wanna say in 2005, but got more serious about recently, since 2011.

Weird: Okay and if I remember right, 2005 when you were 15?

Rakeru: Yeah.

Weird: Yulp. Tell me about your first cosplay experience.

Rakeru: Uhm my first cosplay experience was, basically I just ordered something online, and I kinda just wore it around, like the house and stuff, and then I got another costume–

Weird: Didn’t you mention previously that you wore it to school?

Rakeru: Yeah! [Laughs] I wore uhm one of them to (high) school, that was my first Temari cosplay. That was interesting. [Laughs]
Weird: How well did that go over?

Rakeru: Uhm, I kinda got a lot of weird looks and stuff. [Laughs]

Weird: Funny that. [Laughs] When I was in high school, my senior year they had a costume day, where people wore crazy costumes, and I was walking on my way home, a woman looked over her shoulder, saw me looked over her shoulder again, and walked to the other side of the street! [Laughs] It’s fun!

Rakeru: [Laughs]

Weird: So uh, do you make all your cosplays?

Rakeru: Yes, yes I do. Uhm, I made all mine now, when I first started I didn’t but now I do.

Weird: And uh what was the first cosplay you made?

Rakeru: The first one that I made was Lucy from Elfen lied, uhm that was a mix of both making it and finding things from like a thrift shop.

Rakeru as Temari

Rakeru as Temari


Weird: Very cool. And uh the first time I met you, what was that cosplay you were in?

Rakeru: That was I believe, that was at the Youmacon picnic. That was my first Temari that I bought.

Weird: Mmhm. With a huge fan. Did you make that fan?

Rakeru: That one uhm, I kinda made it. That was actually a giant wall fan that I spray painted to make look like hers which I have now upgraded to a full fan.

Weird: And what was the first cosplay that you made?

Rakeru: That was Lucy from Elfen Lied.

Weird: Mmk. And uh the Temari was the first one I ever met you in?

Rakeru: Yeah.

Weird: No no it wasn’t. I’d swear that I was thinking I saw you at Shutocon as Rakeru first, er as Miasma.

Rakeru: Oh, yeah! You met me as Miasma that’s right.

Weird: Yeah yeah. I mean I may have met you at Go-Daiko con the previous year as a hybrid of Miasma and Temari.

Rakeru: Yeah. [Laughs]

Weird: The purple fursuit head and the Temari outfit

Rakeru: yes!

Rakeru as Miasma

Rakeru as Miasma

Weird: I’m not sure, I’m not a 100% certain on that but I know the first the I met you we became friends when I met you at Shutocon 2012 as Miasma. I love that suit! I love the glowing eyes!

Rakeru: [Laughs] Thank you!

Weird: Now is that an off the shelf thing? How do you get a fursuit like that? Absolutely beautiful.

Rakeru: Thank you, that one was actually, the head was being sold it didn’t have like eyes or anything like that. It was a like last minute Halloween thing actually.

Weird: Really?

Rakeru: Yeah, I saw it and thought it was so awesome and bought it. And I fixed it up a little and added the glowing eyes and everything and I actually at the time just had the boots so I commissioned the same person who made the head for hands and tail and then from there I upgraded to a full body suit.

Weird: Well that’s awesome I love that!

Rakeru: Thank you!

Weird: Do you find that when your wearing the fursuit miasma that you behave differently?

Rakeru: Yeah generally when I’m as Miasma she’s a little more outgoing, little more cockier then I am, uhm she’s just a little more out there.

Weird: [Laughs] So do your cosplays tend to affect your personality?

Rakeru: Yes and no. Uhm when I cosplay i tend to be in character as much as I can, uhm just so when taking pictures I can be more pose oriented and stuff.

Weird: Mmhm. What’s your favorite cosplay?

Rakeru: My favorite cosplay as of right now is actually my Temari that i made from Shippuden.

Weird: Very cool. And have you ever competed in any competitions, masquerades?

Rakeru: Yulp. Uhm the first one I ever competed in was at Go-Daikocon 2012 and I actually won with my Temari.

Weird: Very cool. Have you won any other awards?

Rakeru: Yulp uh this year actually at Go-Daiko again I did place in the intermediate position for my rider cosplay.

Weird: Very cool so you’ve placed in intermediate for your rider cosplay, was the previous one at the novice level?

Rakeru: Yes.

Weird: So you think you’re ready to move up to the professional level?

Rakeru: I think so! [Laughs]

Weird: [Laughs] So what cosplay are you working on next?

Rakeru: Uhm the one I’m working on right now, actually I’m working on quite a few on them is actually Holo from Spice and Wolf and I’m also working on Ymir from Queens Blade.

Weird: Very cool. Now you’re also working on a fursuit?

Rakeru: Yeah uhm that’s one is probably going to take a lot longer. That’s like a demon kind of cat character it’s gonna be crazy full glowing eyes and hooves and all that stuff.

Weird: Yeah it looked pretty awesome. [Laughs] You sent me that picture to give me an idea.

Rakeru: [Laughs] Yeah.

Weird: How long does it take to make a cosplay?

Rakeru: Uhm it depends when I’m not procrastinating, it can be anywhere from a week to a month

Weird: What’s the longest you’ve taken on one?

Rakeru: Uhm I’ve been working on Ymir since…I don’t even know when. [Laughs] In August! Since August actually, and I’ve put it on hold and put off and then started on again and put it off. So that one is taking me a while because it has armor and I’ve never worked with armor before so I hope to have that one done soon. But the longest I wanna say was about a month which was Temari

Weird: So the Ymir, there is a certain bit of procrastination factored in there.

Rakeru: [Laughs] Yes quite a bit.

Weird: [Laughs] So how much actual time have you put into it so far?

Rakeru: Uhm I wanna say…..almost a month.

Weird: Oh okay. How much do you think you’ll have put into it when you’re done?

Rakeru: Probably about 2…2 to 3.

Weird: So you think you’ll have it ready by Shutocon?

Rakeru: I’m hoping! That’s my goal!

Weird: [Laughs] What was your first convention?

Rakeru: My first convention actually I was…dragged to Go-Daiko in like 2010 I think and I didn’t dress up or anything like that, that was my first anime convention that my friend took me too and I was like okay this is kinda cool and then I went to Youmacon 2011 as my Temari and I actually like it and kept going to as many as I can.

Weird: Very cool. [Laughs] And I have this sneaking suspicion that just looking at you right now, are maybe a bit of an anime fan?

Rakeru: Yeah! [Laughs]

Weird: How many anime characters would you say are there in the background behind you?

Rakeru: Uhm. Nine, not including the Pikachu’s!

Weird: [Laughs] How many Pikachu’s do you have?

Rakeru: There a lot! Uhm.

Weird: Yeah I can see!

Rakeru: Probably like fifteen?

Weird: Fifteen Pikachu’s?

Rakeru: Yulp!

Weird: Have you ever heard of Pokemon? [Laughs]

Rakeru: [Laughs] Yeah, I have a he collection!

Weird: Just a little bit of a Pokemon fan I think.

Rakeru: Just a little!

Weird: Have you done any Pokemon cosplays?

Rakeru: Uh, not really. I’ve made a Flaaffy hoodie if you could count that as a cosplay and I’ve actually wore that to Youmacon this year.

Weird: Very cool. Gotta have something when you’re not all dressed up.

Rakeru: Yeah.

Weird: Just a little dressed up. Well before I get to the end of our interview, I like to close my interviews by offering the person I’m interviewing a moment to tell something weird and wonderful about themselves, or an experience they’ve had. My main site is so it just follows from that. Got any interesting stories about yourself or any experiences you’d like to share?

Rakeru: Uhm, a lot! [Laughs] But the one I can remember right now, I do work at Joann Fabrics, so when I’m cutting peoples fabric and stuff sometimes I ask “Oh what are you doing with this?” The one thing that I remember someone saying was “Oh I’m making stripper outfits.” And I was like, “Oh!” I’m sorry I asked! [Laughs] That was a little awkward!

Weird: [Laughs] Well she obviously didn’t have a problem with it.

Rakeru: No, she was like, “Oh I just need to cover them up.” And I’m just like okaay. [Laughs]

Weird: [Laughs] Something that she can wear and be presentable in public but will come off fast.

Rakeru: [Laughs] Pretty much!

Weird: Very cool. Well do you have anything you’d like to conclude with? Like do you have a website or Facebook or something that you’d like to share or how people can get in contact with you, say commission a cosplay? Or something along those lines?

Rakeru: I do. I do have a Facebook, That’s where you can find me and probably the best way to get ahold of me.

Weird: Yulp. Like Limitless Disguise page and who can help but liking such a lovely lady?

Rakeru: Thank you!

Weird: Thank you so much Rakeru. And from the nether parts of the internet this has been the Weird Review!