Interview with Kenzer and Company Part 5

Interview with Kenzer and Company Part 5 Reminiscing – more Ghosts of Gaming past

In part 5 of the interview the Kenzer and Company team continue to discuss their favorite characters from the past including “Joe Average” and

The folks at Kenzer and Company have produced the popular gaming comic book Knights of the Dinner Table for over twenty years, as well as the Roleplaying game Hackmaster.

They are currently working with D20 Entertainment to produce a live action web series and/or Feature movie of the Knights of the Dinner Table.

In addition to having some great swag for assisting them in bringing Knights of the Dinner Table to the screen, they have some great freebies on the Kickstarter that will introduce you to the Hackmaster gaming system, give you sufficient rules, character sheets,and gaming resources to play the game.

Check it out and show your support for some freebies and fun!