The Weird Review Interview with Lance Sabbag at Dancestuck 2013

The Weird Review Interview with Lance Sabbag at Blue Dragon Media’s Dance Stuck 2013.

Dancestuck was a formal dinner and dance in Dearborn, Michigan put on by Blue Dragon Media – – in March of 2013.

At that dinner The Weird Review had the opportunity to interview Lance Sabbag about Homestuck.

Lance is the owner of Blue Dragon Media and hosted the event.

Lance is also one of the photographers at Michigan’s biggest Anime convention, Youmacon – as well as being on staff at Shuto Con – – and a contributing photographer at The Weird Review – – He was also a big fan of Homestuck and has held photoshoots for Homestuck fans with hundreds in attendance (he estimates 750 to 1,000 at the Homestuck photoshoot at Youmacon 2012!)

In this interview Lance gives his view of Homestuck as a fantasy world and as a fandom.

Lance indicates that it is a great fandom for cosplaying as it has characters that work well as entry level cosplays where a Tshirt and jeans will do it but it also has characters that fill the imaginations of advanced and expert cosplayers and costume designers.

For the fans of Homestuck, the next big event in Detroit is going to be the Midwest Media Expo – – which is soon to be announcing the dates, guests, and much more.

Although there have been no official announcements on the Midwest Media Expo site, their Facebook page – – shows the date as 4/25 – 4/27/2014.

Another interesting note about the expo is that the band Steam Powered Giraffe has the Expo listed on their calendar and that has been confirmed via the Midwest Media Expo Convention Vice Chairman, Chris Boren.

Mr. Boren also indicates that there will be fandom tracks for “Homestuck” and “Welcome to Nightvale.”

So check out the interview with Lance and make plans to attend the Midwest Media Expo!