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Rob Antecki - Photo ©2012 by John N Collins
Rob Antecki - Photo ©2012 by John N Collins

Hi folks,

I wanted to pass on some thoughts for you.

First of all, thanks for the follows and friendings.  If you follow me on Twitter I would be delighted if you friended me on Facebook and subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

If you are a follower or subscriber and aren’t being followed or subscribed in return, tweet and mention that.  My theory is that not everyone that follows or subscribes wants to have a follow or subscribe in return so I don’t always return the follow or subscription.  If I see a follow on Twitter I usually tweet at the new follower and if they tweet back I usually follow back if I think they want me to but I sometimes miss a follow so just let me know if you are wondering why you are being followed.

There are a lot of Tweeters out there who automatically return follows and many of them will drop you as soon as you follow.  I don’t play the follow back game as that seems silly to me.  Realistically who can 10,000 or 100,000 people on your list as followers and who you have followed back that you really follow?  I don’t have time to actually follow everything that anyone says on their twitter though I sometimes glance through and catch some interesting thoughts.  I really don’t care to have 10,000 or 100,000 followers who don’t really pay attention to me if I tweet to them as that seems counter productive to actual social networking and just gives an inflated view of who you are.  I would much rather have a few hundred folks that actually know who I am and value what I have to say or who enjoy my photography and videos.

Frenchy and the Punk at the World Steam Expo

Frenchy and the Punk at the World Steam Expo

Tomorrow I am catching a plane to LA/Hollywood for Her Royal Majesties Steampunk Symposium on the Queen Mary and Lesley Scott will be heading out Thursday to join me and help coordinate and do some interviews.  She did a few interviews at Youmacon and did an excellent job.

So far we have confirmed:

Randy J Goodwin – Vampire Diaries
Linda Harrison – the original Planet of the Apes
Camden Toy – Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Jon Benton MacKinder – Steampunk musician
Jimmy Diggs – Writer on Star Trek Deep Space Nine now doing a Steampunk webseries
A few members of the Tinker webseries Crew (they just successfully completed a Kickstarter!)

If you have any questions you would like to have us ask any of these folks, shoot us a tweet or Facebook it.

There are a few other interview requests we have out that we haven’t had responses to that could also be interesting.

Hopefully we will get in some interviews with others at the convention this weekend too.

Rob Antecki - Photo ©2012 by John N Collins

Rob Antecki – Photo ©2012 by John N Collins

Our staff musician/composer, Rob Antecki, has some exciting things going on including doing the music for a Television Pilot and a couple other things that may be coming up.  So if you are a producer that needs an excellent musician/composer, check him out!

If you are one of my writer friends and you have any books online, you may want to check out this site – – where they are posting E-Books for free, often without the knowledge/consent of the authors.  Take care in checking in out though, as it is on Google’s “list of known fishing sites.”  A few of my author friends have books on here or did last I checked (I past it on to them and they may have been removed by now.)  Thanks to Stephanie Osborn for pointing this out!

Speaking of Stephanie, you will want to check out her books if you are a Sherlock Holmes fan.  She writes some great books and she is also, quite literally, a rocket scientist!

Recently I had someone express disappointment that they had been unaware of the recent Tinker kickstarter so in that light, any comic and gamer geeks really should check out the Knights of the Dinner Table kickstarter! They are going to do a web series or movie based on the popular comic book and there are some great rewards for helping.

Lesley Scott – Photo ©2013 by John N Collins

Lesley Scott – Photo ©2013 by John N Collins

Check out Rob and Lesley and friend and follow them if you are so inclined.

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