Sakura Con Seattle, Washington – Day One

My day started by getting up at 5 a.m. (2 a.m. Sakura time) to get to the airport and sit on a runway waiting for clearance for the plane.  As things would happen, this resulted in my missing my next plane in Chicago and as dominos fall, so did my expectations of the day.  By the time I got my car, checked into my hotel in Seattle and got to the convention center the Press Office was already closed.

So I went to registration and they referred me to the “Manager” line to talk to the manager.  While in the Manager line a wandering Sakura Con staff member stopped to check in with the people who were waiting in line.  I can’t remember the official title but his job is basically to wander and offer assistance and he saved me waiting in line by referring me to Con Ops (Convention Operations – he even offered to take me personally but it was right by the Press Office so I knew the way.)

Arriving at the Con Ops, I explained my predicament and was afraid I would have to go to my hotel and miss the evening events.  Within half an hour the lovely lady, Crystal Glascow – Sakura’s Public Relations Manager, was able to locate a key and get instructions for printing up a pass and I was on my way.  Kudos to Sakura Con for being more organized and able to handle a crisis than American Airlines.

After getting my press pass I wandered the halls and enjoyed the cosplay going on all around me.  The makeup and costumes are excellent, even as you would expect at one of the top Anime Conventions.

I went on to catch a few panels.  Tiffany Grant is one of my favorites.  She keeps the audience laughing in her Tales of Con Horror, as well as her co-panelists (unless it is Chris Cason, in which case he takes time for a bite of cookie while the audience laughs.)

I half expected I would hear some reruns from hearing her Tales of Con Horror elsewhere but apparently she has gone through plenty of horror at cons. One of the things she spoke about was the horror of her hotel experience durng an Anime con over a Spring Break.

For more you will have to sit in on one of her panels and if you already have, well, don’t stop.  She has lots of fun stories!

I also listened in on the panel on Gothic Charm School but after a bit I went on, knowing that I will never be a charming Goth.  I don’t have enough hair for the hair pins to keep the hats on.  Sunday afternoon as I was wandering, I sat down to rest a minute and realized I had sat next to Ms. Jillian Venters, the lovely and charming Gothic Charm School Panelist.  As we chatted she let me take a peek in her book, Gothic Charm School.  She fondly refers to her fellow Goths and Goth wannabees as “Snarklings” (a combination of snarky and darling.)  It has tips on fashion and getting along as a Goth in a mundane world.    Later, while waiting for my plane at the Sea-Tac airport I read over some of the articles from her site – – which are light and humorous yet give insights into the Goth culture so check it out!


Later I wandered into the exist†trace concert not knowing what to expect.  These lovely ladies of song blew the audience away with their music, swaying, jumping, dancing, and playing.  They  are a fantastic, top notch show and if my day hadn’t already turned around, they would have done it on their own.  See my article on them for more! 

But the night was not yet over and I caught more fun cosplay as I wandered the halls, seeing folks I met in January at Mew Con in Portland, Oregon and topped off the night with a few pics at the dance. 

I have been wrote this (now updated) article while having lunch at a neat little restaurant next to the convention center, called Cyber Dog.  They have a nice, tasty, vegetarian nacho plate and wireless internet so if you are still in the area and looking for a nice place to eat and to take care of your online business, check it out!  In the meantime I am still processing it all and will soon have more pics (from the cosplay skits, the formal cosplay, walkarounds, and a whole lot more!) and articles from the con so stay tuned as there’s more fun to come!

Enjoy the following pics and for more (and more to come!) see the photo albums on my other site

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