An interview with Randy, Mimi, and Randy Goodwin 2 Part 3

Randy J. Goodwin – – is an actor, writer, director, and producer. He is, perhaps, best known for his role as Dr. Jonas Martin in Vampire Diaries.

Randy’s wife, Mimi, is a well known fashion blogger and designer. Mimi writes daily about creating your own fashions by sewing your own garments to creating a fashion sensation by choosing what, when, and where to where specific garments.

Their son, Randy Goodwin II, is a budding actor himself and will likely to be seen on the red carpet in years to come.

In part 1, Lesley Scott invites Randy and Mimi to share a bit of their background, including how they met.

Part two will continue with them sharing about their courtship, followed by discussion of their current projects.

In Part three, they conclude discussion of their current projects and The Weird Review’s John N Collins (AKA Weird @ steps in and interviews their 6 year old son, Randy Goodwin II.

Part four concludes the interview with an invitation to Randy and Mimi to tell their fans something weird and wonderful about themselves. Although Mimi denies having any weirdness about her, she does a delightful job at giving a wonderful response.