Monique Martin’s “Out of Time: A Time Travel Mystery” an aether good winter read!

The cover of Monique Martin's "Out of Time"
The cover of Monique Martin's "Out of Time"
The cover of Monique Martin's "Out of Time"

The cover of Monique Martin’s “Out of Time”

With snow tumbling by the inch, exercise is a cold chore unless you walk in the malls or on a treadmill.  If mall walking alone or treadmills bore you and you are so coordinated, having Kindle reader on your phone is an excellent option.  During a web search in the writing of the article on milner Elisabeth Martin, the author Monique Martin popped up.  It was a pleasure to read Monique Martin‘s “Out of Time: A Time Travel Mystery”  during a week of mall walks.

“Out of Time: A Time Travel Mystery” is, as the title implies, a time travel story of intrigue.  It is also a romance involving Professor of the Occult, Simon Cross, and his lovely assistant Elizabeth.  While being wise in dark mysteries of the occult, Professor Cross is a rather inept student of the art of romance and the depths of the feminine mind, having given up on the subject decades before the story begins.

Elizabeth comes by the professors home to deliver some corrected papers when Professor Cross receives a package of materials he has inherited from his grandfather.  Inadvertently they activate a time travel device and find themselves dropped into a distant past without financial resources or knowledge to return and sharing a one room apartment as husband and wife.

“Out of Time: A Time Travel Mystery” is a fun read where the reader joins the pair in murder and mayhem of an occult variety that is further complicated by an awkward romance.  If you are a fan of science fiction, steampunk, and the occasional ripping bodice (according to the kindle locator Ms. Martin puts the steam in the steampunk starting on page 140 so you may want to skip that chapter unless you are into that sort of thing 😉 give it a read and see if you don’t agree that this book is a 5 out of 5.

The book is the first in Ms. Martin’s Out of Time series and may be obtained through for free!

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