Why is February 2014 International Steampunk Month?


This question came up a couple days ago while skimming through steampunk posts on Facebook.

Following a trail of posts and posters led to a Facebook page for “Steampunk Hands Around the World.”  Further investigation led to a Blogger from Seattle, Washington by the name of  Kevin Steil.

Kevin responded to an inquiry over the International Steampunk Month with the  following:

“Hi John,
I don’t know anything about any official International Steampunk Month, although I suspect that like a game of “Telephone” and generally passing on stories from person to person,  something greater may have grown out of my month-long project to celebrate steampunk as a global community.

My teaser blog about it is here

The idea started out simply enough, and very, very small. I was excited about the contacts I’ve made in the steampunk community around the world during the last several years, and I wanted to share that excitement with steampunks so that they would also know and enjoy the wonderful people, events and general creativity that exists beyond their local groups and conventions.

I thought I might get a handful of my friends to join in and blog, too. Instead, it has grown within just a few weeks to be nearly 100 people all around the world who want to participate and share their perspective and enjoyment of the global community. Everyone is connected, and there are new friends to be met in every conversation.

The kick-off blog goes live on my Airship Ambassador blog tomorrow, Saturday Feb 1 PST so it will be ready for steampunks in Australia as they wake up for Sunday, February 2nd. Links to blogs, videos and live events will be posted on my blog, too.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,
Hope you can join in and follow along this next month,

Kevin Steil
Airship Ambassador

In Mr. Steil’s blogpost on January 12, 2014 where he proposed his Steampunk Hands Around the World, he proposed the following”

“Beginning Sunday, February 2nd, and continuing until Friday, February 28th, the group will show and share that steampunks everywhere are linked together and that new friends are waiting in every conversation.”

As things tend to do when word spreads, it was modified a bit and added February 1, 2014, a logical extention if you think about it.  Another logical extention was to begin calling it “International Steampunk Month.”  Was there an International Steampunk Committee that determined this to be the date and time in history for an International Steampunk Day?  No, not so much a committee other than the ear and mouth as it sound good and rolls nicely off the tongue.

When Mr. Steil wrote a few hours prior to writing this article, he indicated there were nearly 100 people on board.  As of this moment, the Facebook page shows 445 going and it is just barely into February 1, 2014.  It will be interesting to see the total count as of February 28, 2014.

So, why is it International Steampunk Month?  Why not!  It is quite apparent there is the interest in it being so.

So on behalf of an International Steampunk Committee of 14 countries and 445 participants and growing, Happy International Steampunk Month 2014!

Oh, and be sure to check out Jon Magnificent’s just released Steampunk drama/music video, “Would You Die for Love?

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