“Angel” and “Buffy” icon, Camden Toy, joins the cast of the steampunk show, “Tinker”


Camden Toy and Lesley Scott after their interview in Burbank, CA

Camden Toy and Lesley Scott after their interview in Burbank, CA

With the recent successful completion of their Kickstarter campaign, “Tinker” has announced the addition of a new cast member – Camden Toy.  Camden will be joining the crew in this steampunk production as Sheriff Clayton Whitlock of  San Francisco.

Camden is best known for some of the iconic characters he has played on the television series “Angel” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” including the Übervamp, Gnarl, and one of the Gentlemen from the “Hush” episode.

Perhaps not as well known is his ability as a comedic actor as exemplified in his roles as the hit man Gus Davis in “The Godmother” and as the director “Yan Bobek” in “Goodnight Burbank.”

In addition to his acting skills his involment in film making has also included positions as an artist, producer and editor.

During a recent trip to L.A. Camden set aside some time to chat with Lesley Scott and John Collins of The Steampunk Soiree and The Weird Review.  Check out the interviews and be sure to give Camden a like on Facebook and check out Camden in the free episodes of  “Goodnight Burbank” on Hulu!

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