Steamy, singing stalkers – following the followers @weird_review

It is sometimes good to take a look over your shoulder...

It is sometimes good to take a look over your shoulder…

While walking down the lantern lit, cobblestone streets of steampunk, it is sometimes wise to take a quick peek over your shoulder.  It helps to decide whether to run or stop for a listen.

While taking a peek at the followers of @Weird_Review it was worth noting how many great steampunk bands and musicians there were hiding in the shadows.

It was no surprise to see my old steampunk related favorites like @jonmackinder, @AllisonCurval, @frenchyNthepunk, @VictorSierraBob@AutomatonMetal, @michimusic@harpzombie hanging in the shadows.  All awesome folks and worth a follow!

Here are a couple fun ones that are more recent and their videos are worth checking out.




Oh, and I should also mention @djkiltboy because I figured it would blow his skirt up and, well, the ladies might like that. X-)

Last but not least and perhaps the most important of them all – @GwenLNorth  – our editor who has the power and permission to slap me soundly about the head and shoulders when I mess up.

I know I am forgetting at least one or two so shoot me a tweet or Facebook me if I missed someone!

Oh my facebook is weird.revew, tumbler is weirdreview, Youtube is WeirdReview, and I just started SnapChatting as I read it was the next thing and I am weirdreview there.

If you are a snapchatter, don’t be afraid to snapchat me as I just take pics of innanimate objects and write a few words.  Some folks use Snapchat for sending naughty pics but I wear a blindfold when I take a shower so I don’t see myself so I won’t subject you to that horror. X-)

So, happy Friend Friday or, at this point in the day (2:30 a.m. on Saturday) Happy Steampunk Saturday!

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