The Exist†trace US Premiere Explodes at Sakura Con!

Friday night at Sakura Con I had the  privilege and pleasure of attending the American Premiere of Exist†trace, the hot band of lovely ladies from Japan.

Before arriving in Seattle I had heard that Berryz Kobo was going to be performing, but hadn’t heard anything about Exist†trace.  When I wandered into the main events hall and saw these five beautiful ladies on the stage I didn’t really know what to expect and looking back on the concert I have difficulty deciding where to start.

The members of exist†trace are Jyou (vocals), Miko (guitar), Mally (drums), Naoto (bass), Omi (guitar).

The one word that comes to mind when I think back to the concert is “Explosion!”  The ladies exploded on the stage with an energy and style that had the audience roaring. 

I was entirely unfamiliar with their genre, visual Kei, which seems to be a sort of fused Gothic/Punk/Metal.  The band’s appearance is a  fashion explosion with each having their own style.  Not one of them would be out of place on a fashion runway though the dark appearance of Naoto could equally fit in a zombie or vampire movie (Don’t take me wrong Naoto!  I enjoy a good or even bad zombie movie – see my review of My Bloody Wedding, and you would be a gorgeous zombie or vampire!)

I don’t speak Japanese (yet!) so I can’t comment on the lyrics but I suspect that it is, at times, pretty explosive, much like their music.

At one point, in commemoration of their first U.S. concert, Jyou brought out a U.S. flag.  I couldn’t understand her words but I got a chuckle out of it when she draped it over her shoulders and jumped into the air like a caped super hero (see below.)

Give these ladies a listen and they may just explode their way into your heart.

Enjoy the following pics and for more (and more to come!) see the photo albums on my other site

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