‘The Crack of Dawn’ an audible, sci fi, action-thriller by Gerard Labrecque

"The Crack of Doom" cover - Courtesy Gerard Labrecque
"The Crack of Doom" cover - Courtesy Gerard Labrecque
"The Crack of Doom" cover - Courtesy Gerard Labrecque

“The Crack of Dawn” – Courtesy Gerard Labrecque

Gerard Lebrecque  –  on Twitter – has a science fiction thriller out on Amazon and Audible, read by Shelly Whittle.  “The Crack of Dawn” is about a down on his luck speaker by the name of John Turbo, who is forced to go back to driving truck.

His first day on the job he is paired with a former Navy Seal, Stan, who also happens to be a paranoid conspiracy theorist.  Unfortunately for John, it soon becomes apparent that his partner really isn’t paranoid.  From there it is non-stop action from chase scenes with guns blazing, to Alien Invasions through to the end of the book.

Shelly Whittle does an excellent job in the narative role, taking on multiple persona as he reads.  The recording was good but with minimal sound effects and there were a few points where the transitions weren’t perfect.  Beyond that, the naration and the story kept a solid, high action flow from start to finish.

The book does contain violence, profanity, and some adult content, so if you’re offended easily, this is not the book for you, but if you are a sci fi/action/thriller fan or a trucker in need of a few hours of gripping entertainment on the road, this book will give you a few hours of fun.

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