Bad business in Battle Creek – America’s Best Value and Rodeway Inn

While researching for an article on tourism in Michigan it seemed expedient to stay at a motel a night or two.  In the course of checking out the Steam Dream at Augusta’s Olde World Village a stay in nearby Battle Creek seemed perfect.  Going on Priceline there were a few motels that were reasonably priced and provided breakfast including the America’s Best Value Inn and the Rodeway Inns.

Going on the America’s Best Value you will find that you can join their Value Club where their rooms are cheaper than Priceline.  So the club was joined and the reservation made.

After shooting some photos and video for the folks at Lansings Tease a Go Go at The Avenue, it was a late night and all that was needed was a clean bed to make it complete.  Sadly that was not to happen.  The first room smelled of tobacco, must, and funk, was dimly lighted and the light over the sink was out.  While standing in the room and looking about, the phone rang.  The manager dismissed as though someone was playing a trick though it may well have been one of the long term residents looking to turn a trick.

The manager indicated they had two more rooms to check out.  Walking into the next room was a bit more comforting as the lights all worked but there room was low on the cleanliness scale and there was a stain on the carpet that stuck to your shoe.  Upon returning to the manager’s office he just refunded the money and left it at that.

Americas Best Value Inn in Battle Creek was disgusting

Americas Best Value Inn in Battle Creek was disgusting

So the next stop was the Rodeway Inn just up the street.  The sign at the Rodeway indicated  they were offering a room for the night at $5 cheaper than Priceline had quoted for them.  Walking in the door of the first room was another experience in funk and the entertainment center doors were staved in and one of the drawers was broken.  The second room smelled a bit of funk and it had a lovely orange paint.  At that point it was after 2 a.m. and exhaustion overrode the smell and their $45/night price was paid.

Rodeway Inn in Battle Creek - Busted and funky

Rodeway Inn in Battle Creek – Busted and funky

Conclusion?  Definitely catch the folks at The Avenue if you are into Burlesque and the Olde World Village has some great entertainers and events every weekend into the Fall.  As for America’s Best Value Inn of Battle Creek and the Rodeway Inn?  There are better values in Kalamazoo so ride away!  The odds of this writer getting another motel in Battle Creek?  Slim to none.

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