Ogre invasion at Amazon as a new author arrives

The cover of  Char Hardin's "Ogres of the Hickory Cottage"

The cover of Char Hardin’s “Ogres of the Hickory Cottage”

On Monday June 30, 2014, Char Hardin’s Ponchatoula pair of Ogres, Boris and Lon, invaded Amazon.com with a new urban fantasy, murder mystery.  In her new book, “Ogres of the Hickory Cottage” the world we know is also inhabited by the creatures of horror and fantasy such as ghosts, witches, demons, and, of course, Ogres.

Boris and Lon have inhabited Ms. Hardin’s family bookstore for years in the yarns spun to the mischievous children who have wandered the stacks.  Now Char has taken these two denizens of her dust jacket domain on an adventure at Amazon where they are the focus of suspicions related to the disappearance of cats and children.

Charley, the bookseller, must come to the rescue of her Ogrish employees at the risk of magic and mayhem and the expense of betraying her friends.  After all, a good employee is hard to find and ogres make such good minions!

“Ogres of the Hickory Cottage” is the first book in a series Ms. Hardin has plotted out but her previous forays into fiction have been included in Crushing Hearts and Black Butterflies‘ anthologies “Dark Light” and “Dark Light 2.”

Check out this new author’s first book and also check out her blog and radio show, “Charred Remains” where you can hear more about the denizens of the Hickory Cottage Book Exchange.  You can also find Char Hardin on her personal Facebook pageher Charred Remains Facebook page, and read her tweets on her Twitter account.

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