Legendary news: The Upper Deck Company VS @GenCon 2014

Today is the first day of GenCon, The Best four days in Gaming, and The Upper Deck Company, the Leaders of Industry Innovation made some major announcements. For those attending GenCon who play Legendary Villains they will be having their Legendary 10K tournament with $10,000 in prizes.

Welcome news to fans of the VS system was announced. The VS System will be returning with a wonderful twist for those who love the game but can’t afford to own all the card. It will be a boxed set with a selection of cards from the original set for you to game with, without having to pay an additional price for any “rare” card. They have potential plans for releasing more sets in the future.

Today they will be doing their premiere release of Legendary Encounters, An Alien Deck Building Game. For the first time anywhere you can play a demo and pick up your own copy of the game. Come by as there are lots of tables for you to play and plenty of copies for you to take home.  In Legendary Encounters you can play scenarios from the “Alien” movie series  The game comes complete with all the cards you will need to play and a game mat to help keep things organized during play.

Another awesome reason to stop by is that they also have a fun promotional going at their booth, #1207, where you can get your photo taken and put on a Legendary Wound Card for you to take home and use in your Legendary Villains game. The photo card is a free souvenir from The Upper Deck Company so stop by and pose for your wound card at GenCon booth 1207!

For more Upper Deck fun check out their website, give them a like on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter!

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