The Weeping Angel and Dr. Cosplay @GenCon 2014

While GenCon in Indianapolis,  Indiana is known for being the Best Four Days of Gaming it is also home to some of the biggest and best cosplays and costume contest in the midwest.  You will find that even the waitresses cosplaying in the surrounding restaurants and you may even find a panhandler asking for money for his Paladin or other roleplaying related solicitations.

The Weeping Angel Busker at GenCon

The Weeping Angel Busker at GenCon

One lovely example of a busker in Indianapolis today was a living statue of a Weeping Angel from “Dr. Who.”  While stationed on the corner with a hat in her feet, folks stopped to snap photos and drop a dollar or five to pay for their safe passage.  As they bent over to drop their money in the hat she would change her position from hands over her eyes to an attack position for a second shot.

As you pass on into the main entrance of the Indiana Convention Center you will find many fun cosplays and, if you happen to have a wardrobe malfunction there is help available.  Kristen Mabry, a lovely lass from Hammond, Indiana, has safety pins, needles, thread, velcro strips, and even a full sized sewing machine for your cosplay emergencies.  She got the idea from seeing a cosplay commando that had the tools of cosplay repair strategically located on his suit.  With that inspiration the caring Cosplay EMT brought it up a notch with a full field cosplay field hospital.  Even as we chatted a cosplayer snagged a safety pin in passing with much thanks.  Her only charge for the service?  Signing her shirt.

While GenCon 2014 is her first visit to GenCon, this dedicated Dr. Cosplay has also been in the trenches repairing wounded wardrobes at Chicago’s Anime Central.

If you are in the midwest and looking for a great cosplay contest, check out the cosplay parade and contest Saturday August 15, 2014 for an awesome time of costumes, cosplay, and some great skits!

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