Superman, Batman, Snoopy, elementary artists and more at the Courtyard Marriott for ArtPrize 2014

This years ArtPrize 2014 works of art at the Grand Rapids Courtyard Marriott include some fun artwork that children of all ages will love!

Fans of Snoopy and his Sopwith Camel (aka his doghouse!) have been gathering just inside the entryway of the hotel and checking out the giant doghouse with Snoopy riding atop of it.  “World War 1 Flying Ace” is made of balloons that have wire (paper clips!) inside them to give them shape and then they are joined together to form the body of Snoopy and his “Sopwith Camel.”  Jim Perry, aka. “the Balloon Guy” is the creator of this fun entry and Jim is a graduate of Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Clown College and has been performing his own brand of Pop Art for thirty years.  His ArtPrize voting code is #56327.

There are a number of other works inside but the next one that has been garnering significant attention is Jen Masternak’s collaborative work “If Everyone Does Just a Little” by over 500 elementary artists in Grand Rapids and Port_Au-Prince, Haiti.  Ms. Masternak took the eleven foot by nine foot canvas to The Power of Education Foundation in Port-au-Prince, Haiti where the elementary school students there began the painting.  When Ms. Masternak returned, she took it to the Breton Downs Elementary School where the students there finished what the Haitian kids started.  Ms. Masternak was available for questions this afternoon and kept the ArtPrize visitors chatting and entertained.  Her ArtPrize voting number is #57153.

This year The B.O.B. favorite, Larry Sybesema a.k.a. the Bike Man, has crossed the street from for a beautiful, outdoor display called, “First Flight” Vote Code: 56123.  The installation is surrounded by a wooden fence which is not designed to block the view but rather is a part of the experience.  Much like the thrill of opening a package at Christmas, the kids loved the opportunity to peek through the holes that were strategically cut into the fence for their benefit.  Fans of D.C. Comics favorites Batman and Superman love the Batman and Superman Tricycles.  Next to the left from the D.C. area is an amazing customized bike that has a propeller, wings, and even wooden floats for an aquatic landing.  Beyond that is a customized bicycle that L. Frank Baum would have loved to ride when he was at his summer place in Holland, Michigan.  The OZ bike is designed after the Wizards bike and the pedal gear has the letter “Z” cut into the center of the letter O.  Check out the interview with the artist on his art and his desire to inspire!

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