Cosplay at Sakura Con 2011: Part 1 – Skits

Anime conventions invariably have a Masquerade or Cosplay where the participants can formally display their costume whether it is a quick, ten minute parade across the stage or something more elaborate that will often include skits and even dance numbers.  In addition to the cosplay that was going on everywhere in the convention center and the vicinity, Sakura Con had not one but four (more if you count multiples sessions of Cosplay Chess) different formal cosplay events including Cosplay Skits, Cosplay Chess, the Cosplay Masquerade, and the Cosplay Fantasy Fight Tournament.


During the show there several dance numbers with some fun and skillful choreography, there was a sort of singing duet that had me laughing, of course there was combat with some fun throws and leaps and there were also random acts of cuteness.

And the winners are:

From left to right – Novice: 2 Girls In Tights, Intermediate: Unlimited Cosplay Works, and Master: The Anime Hunters.

Here are a few images from the Cosplay Skits and for more photos check out my other site.  

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