An interview with ArtPrize Steampunk sculptor Anthony Jackson

Anthony Jackson's "Looking For Alice" at the Gerald Ford Museum during ArtPrize 2014
Anthony Jackson's "Looking For Alice" at the Gerald Ford Museum during ArtPrize 2014

Anthony Jackson from Lake Odessa, Michigan, is an industrial welder and a sculptor that has been entering the Grand Rapids ArtPrize since the first year.  His creative endeavors go back to when he was a kid growing up on a farm where he had the opportunity to use tools and equipment in his artistic explorations that most folks don’t have in their homes.

While he has worked in other media, airbrushing and such, his favorite is welding and finishing metal.

His first ArtPrize entry was his well-loved dragon, “Edgar.”  “Edgar” was a metalwork dragon made of scrap metal and was about seven feet tall.  Edgar “wowed” the crowd, placing in the top 50 entrants during the first year of ArtPrize.

"Steam Baby" at The B.O.B. during ArtPrize 2013

“Steam Baby” at The B.O.B. during ArtPrize 2013

Last year at The B.O.B., Mr. Jacksons entry was another dragon with a Steampunk twist called, “Steam Baby.”

This year, in front of the Gerald Ford Museum, his entry is an amazing, mechanical, steampunk creation called, “Looking for Alice” and has Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter on a tricycle.  “Looking for Alice” is also made with scrap metal and found pieces that he assembled and formed by welding, bolting, and other tricks of his trade.

Anthony Jackson's "Looking For Alice" at the Gerald Ford Museum during ArtPrize 2014

Anthony Jackson’s “Looking For Alice” at the Gerald Ford Museum during ArtPrize 2014

The art enthusiasts can spin the front wheel and watch The Mad Hatter’s legs pump and the mechanical, winding key on his back rotates.  His use of negative space in the sculpting allows the viewer to look inside the figure and see his heart and other internal workings.

When not creating works of art like “Edgar” or “Looking for Alice” he also makes beautiful, handmade knives.  Be sure to go to the Gerald Ford Museum before ArtPrize 2014 is over and check out “Looking for Alice.”  In case you can’t make it, the video interview with Mr. Jackson starts with views of the sculpture.  Also stop by his website – – and check out more of his creative works.

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