What is Anthropomorphism and the furry fandom? A chat with Uncle Kage

Uncle Kage enjoying a laugh at Fur Reality 2014

Uncle Kage enjoying a laugh at Fur Reality 2014

Recently, at the Fur Reality convention, it was this writer’s pleasure to sit for a chat with one of the celebrities of the convention, Dr. Samuel Conway. While the name may not be a common, household name, it is the name of one of the top celebrities in the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre, Anthropomorphism.

In addition to being a PhD. research chemist, Science Fiction author, and a story telling humorist Mark Twain or Will Rogers would have enjoyed, the fellow is also the Chairman/CEO of Anthrocon. Anthrocon is the world’s largest convention for fans of anthropomorphism, lovingly known as furries.

Some Furry Friend from Condition Wasteland in London, Ontario, Canada

Some Furry Friend from Condition Wasteland in London, Ontario, Canada

For those who are unfamiliar with Anthropomorphism, it is the art, literature, and indeed, culture of combining animal and human characteristics. in literature it can be traced to animals speaking in Aesop’s Fables, the Bible, and other ancient literature. In art it can be found in the most ancient drawings and sculptures where animals and humans are combined.

The ancient mythology of centaurs, harpies, mermaids, and other creatures continues to fascinate modern man. Modern entertainment is full of anthropomorphic creatures from talking mice, ducks, and other critters at Disney to the werewolves and other inspirations of terror in many of the favorite horror movies. Whether or not they realize it, most anyone who has watched television, movies, or been to a parade or professional sporting event, has enjoyed anthropomorphic entertainment.

In the furry fandom, Dr. Conway is best known as Uncle Kage. Contrary to popular belief, most members of the fandom don’t have fursuits of their favorite anthropomorphic creature and are still accepted and welcomed at furry events. Few of the fandom can afford the thousands of dollars to own a mascot quality fursuit. Many that have them have worked years to learn the skills and create their own. Uncle Kage, of course, is one who has his own fursuit and his fursona (furry persona) is that of a giant cockroach by the name Kagemushi Goro.

In the video interview, Uncle Kage tells about early years his leading up to becoming a furry fan, his fursona, his work with Anthrocon, his professional Science Fiction writing, and many other aspects of this multifaceted fellow. So if you take time to watch the video interview with Uncle Kage, and check out the photos, you will see that Uncle Kage and his furry friends are not your ordinary people but they are rather extraordinarily talented with sharp and creative minds.

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