George Takei and ‘Allegiance’ go bass ackwards and bottoms up today on Youtube – Oh My!

Special Post Show Annoucement!

Today only you can get the 6 song mini album for free!


In checking last nights email, as of 4:30 p.m. on 10/28/2014 there was an invitation from George Takei to attend a special, online event on Youtube today at 1 p.m. EST.  Once again, Mr. Takei is defying tradition and going bottoms up.  He is taking his new, not  yet on Broadway, musical “Allegiance a New American Musical” and showcasing an hour of its music on Youtube.

The music in this special online event will include the world premiere of “Stronger Than Before” and the unreleased, “What Makes A Man.”  Performers will include Telly LeungMelinda Doolittle, Lindsay Mendez, Anna Maria Perez, Marc de la Cruz, and many others.

The musical is based on Mr. Takei’s childhood memories and is a look back to the Japanese-Americans who were in internment camps during World War II.  Perhaps a musical doesn’t seem the appropriate mode of presenting one of America’s more shameful moments in history, but you will find the music to be moving and powerful.  Ultimately it is a look back at the sorrowful times and shows that they were also filled with hope and timmes of joy.

At this point the musical doesn’t yet have a schedule and apparently not even a theater and it has only been seen by a few audiences.  The producer, Lorenzo Thione, is currently offering theater goers the opportunity to pre-pay for the opportunity to reserve tickets for when it does find a home and open.  In effect, they are selling priority in purchasing theater tickets before the theater is set, which will help them in setting up the theater as they can show there is significant interest in attending.  A cleverly backwards idea.  In addition, today’s special event is a grassroots approach that will give potential theater goers a preview of the music in advance.

So Mr. Takei and the Allegiance crew are taking on Broadway bottoms up and bass ackwards.  Oh My!

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The show ended so it is too late to submit your questions, but you can still see the video on Youtube!

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