Youmacon 2014 is on and going strong with the art of Cosplay

Youmcon Chairman, Morgan Kollin and Grand Rapids artist, Erica Willey

Youmcon Chairman, Morgan Kollin and Grand Rapids artist, Erica Willey

Youmacon 2014 started Thursday October 30, 2014 and continues through Sunday November 2, 2014.  It is taking place again at the GM Renaissance Center and the Cobo Center in downtown Detroit, Michigan.

Youmacon is Michigan’s biggest Anime conventions as well as one of the top Anime conventions in the Midwest.  This year the GM Renaissance Center announced a new policy that forbade the wearing of masks and carrying of “simulated weapons that can be construed as real by an employee or tenant.”  This had many attendees concerned as their cosplay (the wearing of costumes, carrying related props, and playing of the characters of their favorite cartoon, video game, anime, or other characters) requires the carrying of the character’s props.  Fortunately this has not seemed to damper the energy of the cosplaying crowds.  The main areas where the con is occurring is not holding to this standard and neither is the Cobo Center.

Youmacan is known for having one of the Midwests biggest an best cosplay/costume contest (and trophies!) and that is happening this evening.  The cosplay competitors will meet for instructions in the Masquerade Green Room at 6 p.m. with the competition beginning at 7 p.m.

In addition to the cosplay/costume competition there are a number of photoshoots scheduled for fans of different genres to meet up and be photographed as groups, panels on cosplay, costuming and a wide variety of other topics in the fandoms.  Special guests include some of the top names in the voice acting industry Todd Haberkorn, Ian Sinclair, Brad Swaile, Tony Oliver, Ken Pontac, Tia Ballard, Caitlin Glass, and many others (check the guest list for a the full lineup and links to their profiles!)

So if you didn’t get to wear your Halloween costume long enough, want to see some awesome costumes, or are wishing for some indoor excitement on this cold, November weekend, come on down to the Cobo Hall and GM Renaissance Center for some good cosplay fun!

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