Geekonomicon casts a summoning for a World Record breaking event in Biloxi

Vic Mignogna will be appearing (with out Scott Bakula, sadly) at Geeknomicon 2014
Vic Mignogna will be appearing (with out Scott Bakula, sadly) at Geeknomicon 2014
Vic Mignogna will be appearing (with out Scott Bakula, sadly) at Geeknomicon 2014

Vic Mignogna will be appearing (without Scott Bakula, sadly) at Geeknomicon 2014

H.P. Lovecraft’s fictitious book, the “Necronomicon” was said to have information on the Elder gods, including how to summon them.  In Biloxi, Mississippi, the Geekonomicon is summoning geeks from all over and, especially geeks of the Steampunk fandom, to appear over the weekend of December 12-14, 2014, where they will attempt to break the worlds record for the most steampunks in one location.

According to Mina Frannea, the head of Geekonomicon Media, “The effort is being spearheaded by Captain Cannon Trawets of Airship 67, founder of the Mississippi Steampunk Society, along with Airship Isabella.”  Airships and steampunks from other locations are encouraged to dock in the beautiful Biloxi port.  Lesley Scott, Editor of The Steampunk Soiree, and this writer will be there to representing The Pandora Society, The Steampunk Soiree, The Weird Review, and in his role as a National Steampunk Examiner, to witness this historic event.

The convention is scheduled to have many very impressive guests, including Gigi Edgley who is slated to be in Bruce Boxleitner’s Lantern City.  Ms. Edgley has graciously agreed to an interview with this writer while at the convention.  Ms. Edgley is also starring in a short film, “Hashtag” and if you act fast (it ends in three days from the date of this writing), you can take part in this by kicking in on their Kickstarter!  The kickstarter rewards include autographed items from Ms. Edgley, IMDB thanks and producer credits and even as an actor in the show!

The entertainment scheduled for the event is sure  to entice as many Steampunks as possible to the convention.  The steampunk sideshow, Carnival Epsilon, will be adding magic, mirth, and merry, sideshow geekery with their machetes, chainsaws, mousetraps, and a little light lunching on a lightbulb.  Captain John Sprocket and The Cog is Dead crew will be there with their songs of steam.  Chicago’s Master Magician Ron Fitzgerald rounds out the entertainment with his magical mayhem.

So, hop in your airship, carriage, or Delorean and head on down to Geekonomicon 2014 for some steamy fun on the lovely gulf city, Biloxi!

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