John N Collins

John N Collins

In case you find something interesting here and want to find more by about Weird (aka John N Collins) owner of The Weird Review, I thought I should make up a page for that (and now a site.  After having a producer credit the wrong John Collins for being associate producer, it seemed that making the site with John N Collins on IMDB would be a good idea.)

The Weird Review is my main, personal site with hundreds of articles and tens of thousands of photos plus hundreds of videos.

The Steampunk Soiree is my site I added to focus on Steampunk, Civil War, and pretty much anything that is anachronistic.

The Dorkumentarian is a site that auto posts any youtube videos I post.

Weird’s Instagram

For the Tweeties our Twitter

The Weird Review on Facebook

Our Youtube Channel

The Internet Movie Database

I just signed up for Snap Chat and don’t really know what I am doing but I heard on the radio it is an up and coming thing so if I can figure out the link I will link it. X-) From what I can tell I can’t do a link but I am weirdreview on Snapchat X-)  So far I have snap chatted pics of Shoes at the Mall and a movie big drink cup.  Woohoo!!! and can only figure out how to write with my fingertip and not type. X-)

I also write for a News Aggregation Service (provides articles to other news sources) which is NWZ Paper

I also write for which, last I checked was ranked the #11 Newspaper site in the world by the website ranking service Alexa.

I have several titles that go to the National and International news feed:

National Celebrity Examiner

National Music Examiner

National Art Examiner

National Steampunk Examiner

National Geek Culture Examiner

I also own the site Mardi Gras Memories

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