The Order of Polks Dots Parade

The flag bearers leading the head of the Order of Polka Dots parade

In spite of the weatherman’s misapprehensions, February 13, 2020 was a beautiful night for a parade in Mobile, Alabama.

An Order of Polka Dots float passes the Holiday Inn

As one attendee remarked, the reduced numbers left more for those who did attend including bags of beads, stuffed animals, Moon Pies and other goodies.

Waiting for her Polka Dot mom on her second time past

Avid parade goers in Mobile know the perfect places to catch the parade twice. This young lady and her grandmother were expecting her mother’s second passing near the end of the parade route.

An Ohio family out enjoying their first Mardi Gras parade

Folks from near and far walked away with fine collections of throws from the Order of Polka Dots.

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laissez les bon temps rouler!

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