The All Nighter – Huge, Meaty, and Dripping with Awesome Sauce!

From Left to Right - Samantha Comer, Dave Fultz, Jim Decker, Mike Holman, John Tenney, and Harvey Scales

Last night I was at The All Night Flea Market in Wheaton (Chicago area), Illinois.  On my way back from The All Nighter (I got that abreviation from Michelle Shields.  I don’t know if everyone uses it but it works for me!) I stopped for food on the way back and I was in the mood for a burger.  McDs said they could only do breakfast so I went on to Burger King and my eyes and appetite were soon satisfied.  I got a double Whopper with cheese, no mayo, no onion, but heavy ketchup, pickle, and mustard.  Before I took my first bite I changed out of the white shirt I was wearing for the black one I wear when I want to blend into the background at concerts and other performances.  As the name Double Whopper implies, it was huge, sloppy, loaded with delicious, char-broiled beef, letuce, tomato, and dripping with ketchupy, mustardy, picklie goodness.  It was AWSOME!  And, by the time I was done eating, I was drenched in awesome sauce.

I had a very similar feeling coming away from The All Nighter.  As I said previously, a few of my friends told me I had to go to it and so I did though I really didn’t great expectations from an all night Flea market.  I walked into the flea market and looked around thinking, “Yup, a huge flea market.  So what?”  I walked through the endless booths and stands with my fingers clenched on my wallet so I wouldn’t spend anything as it would have emptied quickly if I hadn’t watched it.  (I was talking to John Tenney and he said he had stopped at an ATM to deposit all the cash he had on his way to the All Nighter just so he wouldn’t spend and then sold a couple posters or somesuch, went out for a cigarette and had spent it all before he got back to his paranormal table.)

I wasn’t there to spend money but rather to collect more interesting stories, pics, and video for my site.  I got some video of Mike Holman (whether I wanted it or not! ;-), Dave Fultz, Dr. Ivan Cryptosis, Undead Johnny, the Dupage Derby Dames’ Millie Brawl, Michelle Shields, and other wonderful people and then it went into a level of awesome that had been entirely unexpected.

The guest performer for the night was legendary singer, songwriter Harvey Scales!  His concert was rained out so they moved it to a building that was as far from the entrance and center of attention as it could be which made it a long walk when folks were tired and it was indoors so the music wasn’t carried around putting out the call for people to come listen.  On my way to the concert I asked several people how to get to the concert and none of them had any idea what I was talking about.  So a little rain turned a well planned, public concert in the midst of everything into an almost private concert for me in the middle of what was a nearly empty conference room at the start.

Once the concert started, people began trickling in as you can’t hide that much talent (all of the band members had decades of touring experience going back as far as around 50 year!)  but I had already staked out my territory.  Harvey made it almost impossible for me though as the man is a bundle of energy and was all over the place and I fear my poor recording equipment was overwhelmed by a sound system that was intended to project a concert for a couple city blocks but was all cooped up in a conference room.

Before concert Harvey had agreed to do an interview with me after the concert.  He slipped out to change and I was begining to think he had given me the slip when I was driven over to the main hall for an audience with the great man.  The interview was fraught with difficultes from Harvey being distracted by an important piece of missing equipment (his glasses!) to phone calls, poundings on the door, to Dr. Ivan Cryptosis coming in and needing to use the room to change in the middle of out interview.  Editing the darn thing is going to be a major challenge on my feeble computer but the time I spent with Harvey took The All Nighter to a whole new level of awesome!

I haven’t been in the presence of a true master performer of Harvey’s level since spending time with the world class magician Pop Haydn a few months back.  Harvey and his band members are pages out of the history of the living heart of Soul music.  When he was in college, John Belushi used to go to the Toga Parties where Harvey played and so was inspired for the movies The Blues Brothers and Animal House.  He has written dozens of hits and hundreds of great songs over the decades and his music continues to echo through bars, wedding receptions, and concert halls and will for many years to come.

As I look over the video clips and such from last night I have to say check back later for more fun as I have a lot to process and I am still saturated with awesome from The All Nighter!

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