A Valentines Day Interview with Fantasy’s Master Artist Larry Elmore and his wife Betty!


Betty and Larry Elmore at Wizard World New Orleans 2012

Betty and Larry Elmore at Wizard World New Orleans 2012

I have had the pleasure to chat with Larry Elmore on multiple occasions at Gen Con, Motor City Comic Con, and other events, but this weekend at Wizard World in New Orleans I had the fortune to also meet his lovely wife Betty.

With Valentine’s day just around the corner it seemed very timely and with Larry’s encouragement, Betty consented to sitting in on an interview.

Larry and Betty have been married for 41 years and very happily from the sounds of it.

In the interview Larry and Betty talk about how they met, their early days together, their time at TSR, and other fun stuff but instead of my yammering on about it, watch the interview for yourself and you will have the same pleasure of listening to this sweet couple that I did!


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