Weird Review’s 2010 Game of the Year – POO!

Poo - 2010 Weird Review Game of the Year!

Poo - 2010 Weird Review Game of the Year!

When I first read the back of the game, memories of a distant past I had long forgotten came flooding back.  I was at the airport and scheduled to fly an ill-fated puddle jumper from Kalamazoo to Chicago on my way to Florida.  In addition to overbooking the plane so that it was packed, the airline had booked to take a cage of monkeys to Chicago.  Apparently one of them was sick with diarrhea and was letting loose all over the cage.  Now if you were a captive monkey, would you want stinky poo in your cage?  So the monkeys were having a free for all with the sick monkey’s poo and throwing it all around the cabin.  The stench was so bad that the pilot and copilot had popped their oxygen masks and were breathing the ship’s oxygen in an attempt to avoid smelling it but to no avail.  I found the whole situation hilarious as I had volunteered to take a later flight when I heard they had overbooked and was in the airline’s office listening to the pilot and copilot as they discussed (with disgust) the plight of their flight.  I happily, walked away with a coupon for a free flight, dinner coupons,  and arrived in Florida only an hour later than originally planned with a smile on my face.

And now, the game!

From the back of the poo box: “It’s been a tough day in the monkey cage and something in the food tonight wasn’t quite right. In monkey world, there’s only one thing that can be done about it – fling poo!

 It doesn’t matter who started it in this fast and furious game of monkey see, monkey doo. It only matters who has what it takes to be king of the cage!”

Poo is a fast game for 2-8 players 8 years old and up where each player is a monkey and their goal is to slather their opponents with poo while keeping clean themselves.

The Poo cards have fun art and in poo power range from pellet poo to King Kong POO.  When poo is flung your defense includes throwing the Cramp card, Just a Fart card, and if you are about to go out you can even throw the Blaze of Glory card that lets you throw all your poo cards at once!   Among the options to clean up are taking a dip to rinse off a bit, sharing the love, or even doing the shimmy-shimmy shake and splattering some poo off you and onto the monkeys on either side of you.

Poo is great for parties when you want a game that is easy to learn, plays fast, and produces lots of smiles.

Don’t take my word for it though!

I will send my test copy to the first person that posts “I want the Poo game and will post my oppinion of it after playing!” and can get 3 other friends to post that they will play it with you and will also post a comment after the play.  To up the stakes I will also toss in 4 Mardi Gras bead necklaces from the 2011 New Orleans Mardi Gras (I got hit by bags full when I was shooting the Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans a few weeks back!:-)

For more information on Poo the Card Game go to the official Poo website!

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