An interview with cosplayer and model, Miss Rose Noir

Miss Rose Noir as Purgatori at the 2012 Chicago Wizard World Comic Con

Miss Rose Noir as Purgatori at the 2012 Chicago Wizard World Comic Con

Miss Rose Noir is a lovely cosplayer from Chicago who is rapidly gaining fans in the Midwest and beyond.  She has been modeling for over eight years and wowing the crowds with her cosplays for the past two at both comic and anime conventions.  Wizard World Chicago Comic Con and ACEN attendees trip over each other in the attempt to get photos of her awesome Purgatori cosplay.  She took the Best Female Villain at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2012, and this year she was a “Super Guest” at RamenCon.

John Collins (JC): Thanks for agreeing to an interview with me! You have a reputation for your cosplays. What characters have you cosplayed?

Rose Noir (RN): My pleasure! Thanks for being my first official interviewer. I’ve cosplayed Purgatori, from the Chaos! Comics universe by Brian Pulido. I recently cosplayed her mortal form, Sakkara, at RamenCon. Along with Purgatori, of course.

(JC): Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into cosplaying

(RN): Well, I’ve been an alternative/goth model for about 8 years. I enjoy it, but it began to lose its luster for me. I became complacent and it started to get boring. One day my friend, George Lindmark, gave me a few comic character figures (Lady Death, Lady Demon, Evil Ernie, Witchblade and Purgatori). I put them up on my bedroom wall, I must’ve stared at them so many times. Suddenly it dawned on me to create a life sized version of this beautiful, strong independent character. It didn’t hurt that she’s a super villain haha.

(JC): Do you make your own costumes and if so, what portions?

(RN): I’m still pretty new to cosplaying and conventions. I’m still learning how to create through trial and error. So far, I’ve had some help in creating my costumes. The first of Purgatori’s costume I began with is entirely made of latex. It was custom fitted by Vex Clothing. The second is actually apart of my regular wardrobe, believe it or not haha. At Wizard World Chicago Comic Con this year I was getting ready and I accidently tore a latex thigh high. So, I had to dig through my suit case and just hope I had a back-up. Thankfully, my wardrobe isn’t too far off from something Purgatori may actually wear haha. Never underestimate your own wardrobe, or even thrift stores.

(JC): What was the hardest costume you ever came up with? Your favorite? Your next?

(RN): Sakkara’s has actually been the hardest so far. Not only because it took me so long to find the accessories, but its also because I like to sort of get inside the head of my characters. I like to understand their persona. I’ve been cosplaying Purgatori for 2 years now, I was just so used to her. My current Purgatori costume has to be my favorite. Its comfortable, easy to put on and easy to get off when I’m transforming back into myself. My next one is most likely going to be The Bride of Frankenstein. I had meant to cosplay her at this past RamenCon, but I was just too exhausted after being in full body paint the previous day.

(JC): Are you involved in the creative arts in other ways? Modeling? Acting? Artist? Writer? Etc?

(RN): I’m still an alternative model. I’d like to do some acting, but believe it or not, I’ve actually got stage fright, haha. Silly, right? I have done a few paintings, I make accessories; hair pieces, Lolita hats, pasties, hair halos, necklaces, hair pins and even Lolita styled rings. They’re currently for sale on my storenvy store. I’ve been known to dabble in poetry and short stories. I’d like to publish a poetry book some day. I’m a vocalist with stage fright, I’m hoping one day to get past it. Cosplay has been a big help in that.

(JC): Do you have any current projects you would like to tell us about?

(RN): As I said before, my crafts. I design and hand make one of a kind Lolita and burlesque accessories.  They’re for sale on my Storenvy store called Noir Glitz by Miss Rose Noir. I also designed a tee shirt that I like to call the “Minion Tee” for fans that enjoy my cosplay and wouldn’t mind helping to support it. Its sold on (just search for Miss Rose Noir). Oh, and I’m also deciding which images to make available in print.

 Freddie Nova as Lady Death at the 2012 Chicago Wizard World Comic Convention

Freddie Nova as Lady Death at the 2012 Chicago Wizard World Comic Convention

(JC): Who inspires you to your creativity and what do you do to keep the creativity flowing?

(RN): Oh, man.. So many people.  Yaya Han was actually the first cosplay/model I saw, she’s an amazing talent. Freddie Nova, she and Brian Pulido invited me to hang out with them at Wizard World Chicago 2012. Shes absolutely one of the most talented and sweetest people I’ve ever met. I was honored to be invited to cosplay with her. It was amazing to meet the man that created Purgatori, he’s such a cool down-to-earth guy. Jen Kateri, Ryan Green, Sidney Vons… There are so many just crazy talented people. Best of all, they’re willing to take newbies like me under their wing and show us the ropes haha. There are even more and I’m sure they know exactly who they are. I’m even inspired by those just beginning this year.  Cody Smith, I’m looking at you.

Honestly, because “real life” is so much different than “con/cosplay life”, I don’t really see a shortage of creativity. I just wish I could live my life as a comic character. I look and I see more costumes for Purgatori and Sakkara, I could spend literally forever just creating and never get bored.

(JC): Where do you plan to go from here?

(RN): I’d like to be able to make a living cosplaying, if I’m being totally honest. I know that some people may frown upon that, but what’s so bad about being paid to do what you love? But, I know if that’s to happen, it’ll be a long long time from now. So, for the time being, I just plan to travel to cons, gear up and have fun. Just enjoy things with my friends and show the rest of the world that life doesn’t have to be dull. There is beauty in all things, including dressing up and acting silly.

(JC): In addition to the other sites I write for, my site is The Weird Review.  Do you have anything weird and wonderful about yourself that you would like to share?

Patrick Stewart at the 2012 Wizard World Ohio Comic Convention

Patrick Stewart at the 2012 Wizard World Ohio Comic Convention

(RN): I’m a huge Asian horror movie lover. I love sing-alongs. I absolutely love old Anime such as, Vampire Hunter D, Ninja Scroll, Cowboy BeBop, Trigun and Hayao Miyazaki films. I’m most definitely a gamer; my favorites are mainly RPGs. BioWare makes my favorite series, Dragon Age and Mass Effect. I love the Walking Dead Tell Tale Games. I love reading, but I do have a difficult time finding books that capture my attention. I read The Sookie Stackhouse novels, I only have one left to read until I’m finished with the whole series. I’m a huge zombie show/movie fan. I love The Walking Dead, its just so addicting. I’ve met Steven Yuen and Michael Rooker, they’re absolutely sweet people. Plus Steven is hot haha. I’ve actually met Malcolm McDowell and we had an entire conversation about corsets, I love him he’s an amazing actor and human being. I have an older gentleman crush on Patrick Stewart, I am most definitely a Trekkie. I’m actually 5’’1, so I have a ton of heels and platforms. I do like being short, because it means I can wear super tall shoes haha. I love just going out on adventures on a whim. In December, I’m going with my boyfriend to Hong Kong. I’ve never been on a plane before and I’ve never been out of the country. Oh, and I ramble haha!

(JC): Where can we look forward to seeing you cosplay in the next year?

(RN): This yearh, I’m interested in cosplaying at some cons I either haven’t been to since before I began cosplaying or just entirely new cons I’ve never attended. I’m still deciding, but C2E2 is a possibility, I’m looking forward to Flashback Weekend, I’m still looking forward to RamenCon. This year I was actually what they call a Super Guest. It was a lot of fun, I’m hoping I can do the same next year. It really comes down to money at this point, the more accessories and t-shirts I can sell, the more cons I’ll be able to plan for.

(JC): Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me and I will look forward to seeing you soon through my camera!

(RN): No, no, thank you. I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to listen to me ramble on about anything and everything haha. I’m never totally sure of what to say about myself, so I just talk about everything. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing you at future cons.

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