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The Saturday Night “Midnight Massacre” cast and crew

Doing a behind the scenes article on an independent film can be quite interesting.  In this particular case I was reminded of walking into a wedding and hearing, “He’s wearing a suit!  Get him!” and finding that I was the best man as the original fellow had gotten plastered and didn’t show for the wedding.

Saturday evening after the Eerie Frequency Expo closed its doors for the night an interesting group of folks including “Hacksaw” Jim Dugan, Linda Harrison, Don Pedro Colley, and others were waiting around for the second cameraman to show in order to shoot a scene for Travis Bowen‘s “Midnight Massacre.”  He and former Playboy model, Susie Feldman, were conspicuously missing.

When I shoot Mardi Gras I have 3-4 photographers shooting for me so I know that supervising photographers can be like herding cats.  So instead of taking pics behind the  scene I became a cameraman on the film by virtue of having the nicest camera in the building.

Saturday night was frigid and windy in Niles, Ohio and after the crew spent 45 minutes setting up for the scene, it was decided to move from the snowy dumpster backdrop outdoors into the more warehouse-like interior.  The scene was heated up by some over the top acting by professional wrestler, “Hacksaw” Jim Dugan and the cast was grateful to be indoors.

Copyright 2013 by John N Collins

Don Pedro Colley and Linda Harrison at Eerie Frequency Expo

The film crew took the day off on Sunday to finish off the Eerie Frequency Expo and to allow the celebrities to have an evening’s rest.   Due to the closing day clean-up, staff was short and I found myself driving Don and Linda between the motel and Don’s Goddaughter’s where we had a wonderful, early, Thanksgiving dinner!  It was quite the unexpected and pleasant surprise to my poor stomach that rarely gets treated so well when on the road.

During the dinner Don’s Goddaughter and Linda were to my right and chatting about pets and allergies.  Don’s Goddaughter commented that most people are allergic to the dander of the cat or dog and not the animal itself.  I added, “Yes, although I am allergic to cats and dogs, if cleaned and cooked right, they can be delicious!”  This elicited no more than a casual glance that suggested I should have more of the delicious, mashed potatoes, so I turned to my left and repeated the comment to Don’s more appreciative ears.

Don is a wonderful smart aleck and soon we were doing an interview with Linda kibitzing a time or two on some of the great actors they worked with over the years.


The funeral scene in "Midnight Massacre" photo ©2013 by John N Collins

The funeral scene in “Midnight Massacre”

On Monday the shooting resumed on “Midnight Massacre” and I found that Saturday night’s scene was a teaser for the film and not really part of the film itself.  While the acting Saturday night was a bit over the top, Monday’s scenes were more subdued.  One of the scenes was set on the outskirts of an old cemetery with the wind howling about as the actors’ knees knocked together from the cold.

Matt Jefferson and Linda Harrison rehearsing their lines in "Midnight Massacre" photo ©2013 by John N Collins

Matt Jefferson and Linda Harrison rehearsing their lines in “Midnight Massacre” photo ©2013 by John N Collins

Later the filming adjourned to a more comfortable, indoor setting with just Linda and the leading man, Matt Jefferson.  It was a pleasure watching as one of the legends of Hollywood interacted with a young, talented newcomer to the industry.  While I was only on set for the filming of a few scenes, the script looks interesting and I am definitely looking forward to seeing how it comes out in the end.

Check out the four part interview with Don and then look back at the interview with Linda Harrison I did a couple years back.  Truly awesome people!

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