Who will mourn The Watcher? A marvelous Marvel mini-series!

The Eyes of The Watcher at White Cap Comics

The Eyes of The Watcher at White Cap Comics – Courtesy White Cap Comics and Games

If you are unfamiliar with The Watcher, you are in good company.  The Watcher is a Marvel Comics character who has been around for millenia but has always seemed more a bit of scenery or a narative element of the Marvel universe.  He has never really been a character on which to focus and there has never been a Watcher cosplay pass in front of this photographer’s lens.

The Eyes of The Watcher party at White Cap Comics - Courtesy  White Cap Comics and Games

The Eyes of The Watcher party at White Cap Comics – Courtesy White Cap Comics and Games

Upon receiving the weekly missive from White Cap Comics last week and reading, “Original Sin #1: The Watcher is dead.”  It was easy to simply dismiss it with a “So What?”  There are so many books, movies, games, comics, and other media that are clamoring for attention but when the folks at White Cap Comics make a recomendation it is worth noting.
It went on with, “I now miss and appreciate the Watcher.”  “Miss and Appreciate” The Watcher?  It was intriguing and, further, the store was having a party in honor of the new series, “Original Sin”, that involves the death of The Watcher.  They even had a give away of glow in the dark superballs that were “The eyes of The Watcher.”
Picking up the “#0 of 8” issue of “Original Sin: Who is the Watcher?” was a no brainer.  In recent years Marvel has put amazing writers to the task of revitalizing the Marvel Universe on the big screen and in their comic books.  In this case they have tasked award winning writer Mark Waid to breathing new life into The Watcher as the prelude to his demise.
In “Original Sin” #0, the young superhero, Nova, visits The Watcher bearing a gift and a question.  As The Watcher silently allows Nova to enter his inner sanctum the reader is treated to insights never before seen.  While revealing to Nova how unique a character he is accross the multiverse, The Watcher also reveals a commonality with Nova that is unexpected.  In the end The Watcher breaks his silent observation with a compassionate answer.
In “Original Sin” #0 there is an ad for the rest of the series and it has a partial quote from Romans 6:23, “The wages of sin is death.”  It is interesting to note that this series started with the #0 issue coming in around the Easter holiday and that the second half of the verse they quotes is about the Resurection, “but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”
Is The Watcher’s response to Nova because he knows he will soon pass away as Christ did before going to the cross?  Is it his compassion that will lead to his demise?  Will this truely be the end of The Watcher or will this series lead to a new resurection of The Watcher now that he has taken on new dimensions never before seen?  Who will mourn the watcher?  If someone notices a little mist in your eyes at the end of the book, just tell them its Spring allergies and then make sure to pick up the rest of the series as it is looking to be a good one.
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